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Our Royal Court

Adoption gift, Born In Your Heart Elegant Necklace

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Just elegant and precious! This 36" Born in Your Heart Necklace can be worn long or doubled.

If you are familiar with the center pendant," Born in Your Heart," you already know about the healing and beauty our amazing child's drawing has given to our family and the world. She was only five years old and new to our family when she would be carrying a burden too heavy for herself. She had questions that I could not satisfy with my answers. I believe that God gave her a visual gift and then she drew her Born in Your Heart from that gift. It certainly is a beautiful and masterful drawing that has touched many deeply. She had defined our love, Motherhood. and FAMILY

You can read more about our story and the projects that are being funded at

We added a circle around the hearts to represent eternity. Our hope is NOT with earthly things, it goes beyond.

Other details include:

Lead-free pewter
5 Born in Your Heart links 3/4" X 1/2"
Rhodium over lead-free pewter