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Our Royal Court

Large Family Tree Brooch (JPEW7019)

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Lead-Free Pewter's "Tree of Love" is the 3rd beautiful piece by Born in Your Heart artist Gloria Palmer at 10 years of age.

It is her idea of what a family tree looks like. The trunk is woven together in a tight braid, representing the closeness and connection of family, leading to a BIG heart in the center reminding us that God is in the center of everything! The heart-shaped leaves all through the branches represent all of the family members. Gloria was only 10 when she presented this beautiful Tree to her Mother.

Additional Details of the Brooch:
Lead-Free Pewter
Rhodium Plating to prevent tarnishing
3" Tall by 2 1/2" wide
Highly Polished
Locking Pin Bar

Just as Gloria was born within her mother's heart and blossomed and grew into a beautiful flower, it is almost a natural progression that is should grow into a Tree of Love, with branches ending in hearts, her trademark symbol.

Gloria was 5 when she designed "Born In Your Heart", age 9 with "Love Grows" and now 10 years old with her version of "The Tree of Life"