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Ashling Aine

Teardrop Connemara marble Celtic Vine Diffuser (HM151)

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Very artistic and beautiful is our interpretation of Mother Nature. We have taken vines and interwoven them together to form a never-ending Celtic knotwork pattern. Both the front and the back share this theme and beauty. The front side has holes so that your favorite scent can come through. We added to that a beautiful 16mm X 8mm Connemara Marbel from Ireland. This lovely locket comes on a 16"-30" 316L Stainless Steel rope chain and six scent pads. This is suitable for use as an essential oil diffuser or simply as a striking necklace.

Lead-free pewter pendant
16"-30" Stainless steel rope chain- No tarnishing
Six essential oil/aromatherapy diffuser pads included
50mm X 25mm
16mm X 8mm Connemara Marbel from Ireland

How to use:
Drop oil or perfume onto the diffuser pad
Grasp pendant bail (the loop the chain goes through) firmly with fingers
Turn the diffuser horizontally, slide it open like a locket, and insert the pad
Slide diffuser back into closed position on bail

Made in The USA
Lead-free pewter pendant
24" rhodium plated rope chain
Six essential oil/aromatherapy diffuser pads included